Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK

Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK – It is the sequel of very famous Facebook action game “Shadow Fight”. Nekki technologies are the developer and publishers of this martial arts role-playing fighting game. Shadow Fight 2 is available on multiple platform iOS, Android and Windows operating system. Within no time this RPG and classical fighting game became one of the most playing games on the mobile platform. With over 100 million downloads, it is one of the most addictive games available on the Google Play store.

The reason behind the huge success of this game on mobile phones is the action-packed fighting sequences and lifelike martial arts techniques. None other application available in play store offers such fighting experience. Shadow Fight 2 gaming experience is praised by millions of users and the current rating of this game at Play Store is 4.6, which is a marvelous achievement.

Shadow Fight 2 Mod

Before moving ahead we want you to check out the epic Shadow Fight 2 game trailer below:

DISCLAIMAR: doesn’t belong to NEKKI, who are the real developers of shadow fight 2 game. Purpose of making this website is to share general information with users. We give all credit of shadow fight 2 apk to developer team of NEKKI Inc. We appreciate developers efforts for developing such mind blowing action game.

You will find many other fighting games for Android but this one is different from all others. Shadow Fight 2 offers user variety of modes and this game has truly changed the trend of fighting games by offering realistic martial arts experience. There is a huge variety of weapons that you can select to crush your enemies. The only way to survive is to kick, punch and slash your enemy with the available weapon. Here is a list of shadow fight weapons that you can choose:

– Composite Sword
– Lynx’s Claws
– Titan’s Desolator
– Daisho
– Plasma Rifle
– Pneumo Fists
– Blood Reaper
– Shogun’s Katana
– Hermit’s Sword

Buy the best weapon to slice your enemy into two in the tournament mode. If you want unlimited coins to buy all kinds of weapons and want to become immortal in the game then you should download and install Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK. So without waiting any further install the mod file right now to crush your opponents.

NOTE – You can get the shadow fight 2 mod free download by clicking the downloading button given at the end of this article.

Download Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK

There are a lot of different games modes in Shadow Fight 2 and its graphics and features really enhanced the gameplay experience. Below we are enlisting the available game modes to end the curiosity of visitors:

– Story-line Fight Mode
– Tournament Mode
– Challenge Mode
– Survival Mode
– Duel Mode (It requires an internet connection)

The basic objective of all shadow fight modes is to defeat your opponent. There are a total of 7 bosses in the game and you need to take down each boss demon and their bodyguards to qualify for the next stage of the game.

To make progress in the game you need to gain experience by defeating different enemies and completing challenges. You need to improve your character fighting skills to make him stronger in order to take down big demons. Apart from upgrading your fighter fighting abilities, you need to equip different weapons as well because they play a key role in defeating the hard bosses.

After every battle, you will receive gold coins on defeating your enemies and moving to different levels. You can use these coins to buy weapons, upgrade your character skills and unlock hidden characters. The addictive animation of the shadow fight 2 mod apk will keep you glued to your phone screen for long hours. Here are some interesting features of the best fighting game for Android.


– Epic fighting sequences and lifelike animations.
– Destroy your opponents with martial arts moves and crushing weapons.
– Shadow fight 2 graphics are excellent and much better than its previous version.
– Travel through 7 different provinces and kill demons and bosses.
– Fully customize your character with magical powers, improved skills, and epic weapons.
Shadow Fight 2 APK Controls, Graphics, and Gameplay

Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK

Game controls, graphics, and user experience is the most important factor in every game. Developers have given their best to provide smooth controlling experience. You can control the movement of the player using the control system available in the bottom left of your screen. If you are using the latest Android phones, you will love the controlling. On the right of the screen, you will find a button for punch, kick and weapons. You will quickly adapt the control system and will enjoy it.

Developers have done an excellent job to provide an experience that is closer to reality. There were few glitches and bugs which are resolved in the latest version of the game. Some big guns in the tech industry like CNET, Gamezebo etc. has appreciated the graphics and concept of the shadow fight 2 and rated the game 8/10.

Shadow Fight 2 gameplay is very realistic and mobile users are loving it. From the movement of character to punching, kick and smashing the weapon everything is marvelous. Many game lovers loved its immersive graphics, visual quality, and background music. So, what are you waiting for download this game now and equip your character with lethal weapons to finish your opponent? Below we are sharing some stunning screenshots of the game, hope you will love it.

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