This game belongs to Sandbox Games, and it completely depends on the imagination of the player who is playing the game. It allows the users first to blow up the building with bombs and then reconstruct them as per their desire. In Minecraft, the players have to use different types of blocks to create various objects in a virtual world created by them. These cubes can be put together to create various beautiful things in the world in the game like flowers, trees, buildings, soil, leaves, skyscrapers, castles, gardens, fountains, and ultimately an entire city. When everything is created, then the players have to guard the buildings and keep exploring more and more.

This adventurous game lets you meet monsters and antagonists with swords and guns. Minecraft also has other traps for the players, which have to be avoided by them while playing the game to prevent themselves and their creations. The enemies try to destroy the buildings and cities created by other players. At times, they need to go through risky areas and dig deep and explore more to discover rare ores. These objects, like ores, help in creating the world more beautiful and magnificent. Sounds amazing, right? This is why children, as well as adults, love this game because it keeps on dragging the player in the game day by day with its exciting game plan.

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